10 Strange Truths About The South Pole (You Didn’t Know You Needed To Know)

Antarctica isn’t the place to go for people who are looking for luxury, there isn’t much of that there, but it does offer intriguing facts.

There are a lot of really interesting places around the world, and many of them are places that people can visit. One of those places is the South Pole. While this place might not have a lot of shops to check out or cool man-made statues, there are actually quite a few cool things one can check out there.

But there are fun facts about traveling to the South Pole that one should know before they plan on going there. According to traveltips.usatoday.com, this isn’t the place to go for people who are looking for luxury. There isn’t much of that there. There are also some other interesting facts about this place in general. Here are some really incredible facts about the South Pole.


The Seasons Take Place At Different Times There People ballooning in the sun commons.wikimedia.org

One interesting fact about the South Pole is that the seasons are different there than they are in many other places around the world. According to abcnews.go.com, summer in the South Pole takes place between the months of October and February, and the rest of the year is basically winter.


Finding A Tree Or A Bush There Would Be Almost Impossible Someone looking out into the distance twitter.com

People who go there might think that it’s strange when they don’t see bushes or trees there. According to abcnews.go.com, there are not any of either of those things in Antarctica, which means that it would be really hard to come across one during a trip to the South Pole.


This Place Only Sees One Sunset Per Year Sunset at the south pole pinterest.com

The South Pole is an interesting place, and there are plenty of facts that most people probably do not know about. According to listverse.com, those who go there will only see one sunset each year. Since that is the case, the same is true for when the sun rises there.


Sleeping Can Become Pretty Difficult For People Who Go There People laying down in the snow oceanwide-expeditions.com

Something everyone should know about the South Pole is that sleeping there can be an issue. According to listverse.com, anyone who goes there will be very likely to experience more sleepless nights than they normally would, and that actually has a lot to do with the altitude of this place.


Those Who Visit Can See The Southern Lights The southern lights at the south pole pinterest.com

There are a lot of magnificent things that one can get to see while they are at the South Pole, but something that really stands out is the Aurora Australis, which is also known as the Southern Lights, according to mentalfloss.com. This is actually a lot like the Northern Lights.

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Visitors Can Run A 5k While They Are There A person running in snow mainerunningphotos.com

When one thinks about going to the South Pole for the first time, they probably don’t imagine themselves running a 5K there. However, that’s an activity that happens there, according to listverse.com. Technically, this makes it possible for visitors to be able to claim that they ran around the world.


There Is A Waterfall That Looks Rather Interesting Red waterfall in the south pole en.wikipedia.org

People who have a sensitive stomach when they see certain things might want to be careful when they go to the South Pole. In Antarctica, there is a waterfall that is red, so it looks odd. But the water looks like that because its’ high in salt, according to theclever.com.

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The Only Animals That Live On The Land There Are Penguins Penguins at the south pole youtube.com

According to theclever.com, finding any animal other than a penguin on land in the South Pole isn’t possible. That is because they are the only animals that are able to live on that land. What is even more interesting is that no penguins would be found in the North Pole.


People Cannot Live There Permanently youtube.com

While visiting the South Pole is possible, living there permanently is a different story entirely. According to theclever.com, Antarctica does not really belong to anyone, so that makes it impossible for people to live there permanently. But there are a lot of people who visit every year, which is cool.

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It’s Actually Considered A Desert Someone on snow IG

Something that might come as a surprise to lots of people is the fact that this place is considered to be a desert. According  to theclever.com, only a small amount of deserts in the world have a lot of sand, while the rest of them actually have lots of ice.

References: USA Today, ABC News

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