2021 Scuba Diving Packages – Underwater Explorers

Great savings, great value. We have scuba diving packages you can order online at www.dirdirect.com whether you want a budget scuba diving set or a future-proof dive system.

Our quality Scuba diving sets reflect our belief that every investment matters and everyone exploring the underwater world deserves the very best in advice, equipment and their underwater experience. 

We’ve aimed to bring you a selection of hand-picked dive gear and deals, combining BCDs with full regulator sets while offering great value with great savings.

These sets range from the traditional wrap-around jacket style BC’s with high performance regulators to ‘hybrid’ designs and DIR Starter kits, where wing systems are paired with top quality long hose regulator sets.

There is a package for anyone and every level at www.dirdirect.com/packages. Plus regulator sets combined with the BC systems have been selected for year-round UK conditions, cold water and excellent breathing performance.

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