27 Unbelievable Facts About Antarctica That Are 100% True

There are so many interesting facts that we don’t know yet about our planet, Earth. This is especially true when it comes to places which are remote, hard to reach, and where the climate is harsh and uninviting. That makes Antarctica one of the most mysterious places on Earth – it’s an icy, remote, permafrost desert with many secrets that are yet to be unraveled. The continent is so vast that it may seem that scientists are just beginning to explore its large territories and hidden treasures.

One internet user has compiled a list of the most interesting Antarctica facts. From a birth that’s forever in the Guinness Book of Records and Tinder matches to barren valleys with highest meteorite count and bloody waterfalls, the South Pole has a lot to offer if you dare to go there. So much so, that the more you know about this continent, the more mysterious it seems.

Scroll down below to read the full list of surprising, fascinating and random facts that are known today about the world’s harshest desert.

Source: MrPuckett (Facebook cover image: Captain Roger Fenton)

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