5 Aspects Of Deep-Water Diving That Will Surprise You

4. Deep-Water Diving Gear

The deeper you go, the more equipment you will need. In general, we could say that deep-water diving gear is all about gas redundancy. For that reason, stage tanks, sidemount, and rebreathers are typical of technical deep-water diving. Large volumes help us to compensate for faster air consumption and decompression stop time when they are necessary.

Also, as depth increases, divers use other gases with different mixtures such as Trimix. In this mixture, helium replaces part of the nitrogen to reduce the narcosis risk.

Decompression stop devices. They help the diver control his/her position and depth during stops. Keep in mind, that in the most extreme dives, these can last up to one hour.

The dive light. On the one hand, you will need it to cope with the lack of light, and on the other, you will be able to communicate better with your partner using a dive light.

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