Bear Watching at Spirit Bear Lodge | Holidays 2022/2023

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There are fewer than 400 spirit bears left in the wild and seeing them catch salmon in their natural environment is certainly a thrill. This itinerary, which takes in British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest, includes three nights at Canada’s Spirit Bear Lodge, where each month has a distinct season and feel. In June and July you’ll see grizzly’s with cubs as they seek out the high protein sedge grass, humpbacks are also a frequent sight as they hug the coastline foraging for herring and mackerel. August sees the bears anticipating the arrival of the great salmon run as they gather in large numbers, while the elusive Spirit Bear is often more visible. Autumn then brings the full force of the salmon spawning, with grizzly’s, black and spirit bears all competing for the best fishing spots. Speak to our specialists about longer stays.

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