Bonsai Villa Hoi An in Da Nang | Best Rates & Deals on Orbitz

Bonsai Villa Hoi An provides free cancellation on some room rates. For more details, look at the cancellation policy on Orbitz.

Cleanliness measures at Bonsai Villa Hoi An include social distancing.

Based on positive ratings, guests enjoy the bed & breakfast’s walkable location in Hoi An, and it’s within a 10-minute walk of Hoi An Cloth Market, Tran Duong House, and Assembly Hall of the Chaozhou Chinese Congregation. You’ll also find Hoi An Ancient Town and Hoi An Market less than a mile away.

Yes, self parking is offered for free at the bed & breakfast.

No, Bonsai Villa Hoi An doesn’t have a casino.

No, this bed & breakfast doesn’t have an indoor pool; however, there is an outdoor pool.

Couples staying at this bed u0026 breakfast will appreciate amenities like a minibar as well as an outdoor pool and a restaurant.

No, this bed & breakfast doesn’t have a spa tub.

Yes, Bonsai Villa Hoi An serves free continental breakfast each morning from its restaurant.

Yes, pets stay free at Bonsai Villa Hoi An.

No, this bed & breakfast doesn’t feature connecting guestrooms.

The closest major airport to Bonsai Villa Hoi An is Da Nang Intl. Airport (DAD), which is 18.9 mi away (65 minutes by car).

No, there aren’t any guestrooms with balconies at Bonsai Villa Hoi An.

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