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Here is DIVEIN’s Equipment 101 where we tell you all about the scuba gear and what you need to know.

BCD or Buoyancy Control Device

The BCD, also called BC, stands for Buoyancy Control Device or Buoyancy Compensator. It’s the vest that holds the tank. But, most importantly, it’s the one you use to control buoyancy.

The BCD has many different features to control the buoyancy, depending on the brand and type.

There are an inflator and a deflator mechanism and on a typical BCD (this is used to add or release air to and from your BCD). The inflator and deflator are usually located on a hose connected to your left shoulder.

Most BCDs come with a few pockets and D rings for carrying gadgets on the dive; some having weight pockets as well.

BCD’s come in different forms and shapes: jacket-types and wing-types. The jacket is more popular for most divers and gives great comfort underwater and in the surface. The wing-type BCD gives better buoyancy and enables a perfect horizontal possession during the dive.

Here are some great BCD’s you should look at before deciding which to buy.

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