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Posted 31 May 2022 – 06:44 AM



Sorry to ask another Sky Safari question. I tried to find this info elsewhere without success. 


How do the Plus and Pro versions of Safari 7 compare, and which should I use?  I’ve used SkySafari 5 Pro for years with success. The three things I don’t like about it are (1) I can’t store multiple telescope setup configurations, (2) the display automatically changes magnitude setting when you zoom in or out (I really dislike that) and (3) there is no RST-135 mount selection so I can’t combine ASIAIR and Sky Safari with a RST-135 mount.


Are any of these fixed in Sky Safari 7? Are there differences in these fixes between Plus and Pro?


Another concern about Sky Safari 7 is that it seems heavily internet dependent. I do not want to do “social” stargazing or have to rely upon an internet connection for functionality. I don’t want to store my configuration data in the cloud. I just want to point my telescope using a planetarium model stored on my iPhone and to use Sky Safari and my iPhone as a hand controller.


Can I turn off the internet-enabled feature without affecting required functionality?  Does this vary between Plus and Pro? If I don’t want to use LiveSky can I still use Sky Safari 7? Does that vary by Pro vs. Plus?


How do I update and manage equipment setting in Sky Safari 7? LiveSky’s equipment feature only works in Sky Safari 6, according to the software. So how do I do it in Sky Safari 7? Can I edit my equipment settings without a premium LiveSky subscription?  The LiveSky documentation appears to suggest you can’t.


Really appreciate any guidance.



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