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Explore diving in India

Incredible diving awaits you off of India’s 8000 km of coastline. Whatever sort of diving you crave, India is sure to deliver. Wildlife abounds, and bizarre underwater formations are the norm. Goa, the smallest and richest state on India’s west coast, has easy access to the Arabian Sea.

Diving off Goa includes gliding over lush coral gardens, pinnacles, and a variety of shipwrecks. Pondicherry, on India’s eastern coast, has untouched and largely unexplored reefs and wrecks. India also offers a variety of diving experiences from its islands, both in the Andaman and Arabian Seas.

Lakshadweep is a remote archipelago off India’s southeastern coast just above the Maldives and offers colorful reefs, overhangs, swim-throughs and big fish action.

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