Diving vs Scuba Diving

There’s diving from a board into the water, then there’s diving from a boat under the water. Scuba diving, freediving, regular diving… if you’re not a seasoned diver then all these terms can start to get a little baffling!

We’ve already looked at the difference between scuba diving and freediving, so today we’ll explore scuba diving and regular diving (i.e. olympic style diving from a board).

What is diving?

Diving refers to the action of jumping or falling into water from a springboard or diving board. Usually, divers will perform some acrobatics on their way down to the water, like somersaults for example. That makes for a spectacular show to watch, which is why diving is an internationally recognised sport that’s one of the most popular games at the Olympics.

It’s probably more appropriate to compare divers to gymnasts rather than to swimmers. Because of the acrobatic flow during the dive, a lot of divers’ bodies are similar in strength, flexibility, air awareness & judgement to gymnasts and dancers.

What is scuba diving?

Scuba diving, on the other hand, is the art of swimming underwater with a compressed air tank to help you breathe. Far from being an olympic sport – or even a competitive sport – scuba diving is a relaxing adventure under the sea.

To become a scuba diver, you need to undertake an Open Water Diver course that’s approved by PADI, unlike diving which anyone can start doing at any time. People often scuba dive so that they can explore the plant and animal life underwater, making it more of a recreational sport than something that can attract spectators.

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