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About Dr. Patel

As a family practitioner, Dr. Patel covers a wide range of disciplines and stresses preventive medicine and health maintenance as a core philosophy.Dr. Patel ensures that all of her patients are well educated about their condition and have all of their concerns addressed during their visit. She actively participates in programs designed to help educate her community on key health topics such as diabetes and medication management and works with many local affiliates to provide care for those that are unable to afford health insurance. Dr. Patel is married with 2 sons, who love soccer. Dr. Patel also actively takes time to ensure affordability of medications for all patients and is well versed in the available programs for patients to get medications at a lower out-of-pocket cost (Local, web-based savings programs, vouchers, apps, and pharmaceutical company-based programs). This has helped so many patients reduce their expenses on medications while they are on a limited budget. Dr. Patel’s patients really love when she sits down and does this with them.

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