How Much Does Scuba Diving Cost? – Katy Jane Dives

When learning to dive, you can borrow a kit from the dive school. If you’re looking to kit yourself out, it will cost you between $1,000 and $5,000. If you’re on a budget then you may want to look at second-hand gear. 

I have a full guide on the essential scuba gear equipment, what you need to buy first and what you can buy pre-owned. 

Here’s the breakdown on the costs of different scuba gear. 

Dive Computer

Dive computers are an essential part of the scuba list but it’s well known that they’re expensive. You can spend as much as $1,000 and as little as $100 if you’re willing to buy second-hand. But you’re likely to spend $300 – $500 on a brand new computer that works well and is reasonably priced. 

Scuba Mask

Scuba masks cost between $50 – and $400 from new. 

Scuba masks are important to own, as many divers have their own preferences on the fit. It takes a little bit of time to get used to them. 


BCDs are not cheap – you are looking to spend a minimum of $300 and some reach heights of $2,000. 

BCDs are one of the most important pieces to your kit lineup yet they can be left until last. Many dive schools will lend you a BCD and they are easy to fit. 


Scuba fins are the easiest to buy second-hand, but if you want to buy brand new, you will be looking to spend a minimum of $50, although I’d say for a good pair you will want to budget between $150-£200


Wetsuits should be bought new as they are difficult to get the right fit. Wetsuits cost from $75 to $500, I’d recommend checking out Aqualung for this amount. 


Not everybody needs a drysuit, they’re specific for frigid waters and are pricey. My one cost over £500 ($650)and you will be lucky to find anything under $300.

Scuba Torch

A scuba light is usually around $75 and is something you’ll want in your dive bag whether you night dive or not. 

Dive Knife

Again, it is a diving accessory but one that’s much needed. It adds a lifeline, giving you the option to cut out of any entanglement. 

A dive knife will cost around $50 and significantly less if you can find a pre-owned one in good condition. 

Scuba Reg

The cheapest scuba regulators can be bought at $160 and can cost up to $2,000


A diving compass is easy to get hold of and you can buy them second-hand for next to nothing. Brand new they cost around $50



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