How to Climb the Stairway to Heaven / Haiku Stairs, Hawaii

First, my two cents: 
Okay, so you’re probably not gonna get caught, and you probably aren’t gonna get a fine, and the neighbors probably aren’t gonna call the cops, but that doesn’t mean you should just rudely, loudly and flamboyantly climb the fences, walk through yards and be disrespectful to the security guard and local residents.  The more complaints and controversies there are over the Haiku Stairs and the local residents, the sooner the local government is going to be forced to remove them.  There are already several threats related to the removal and dismantling of the stairs, so have some respect for the situation, and do your best to sneak in without anyone seeing you.  And if the security guard confronts you, be polite when you tell him you are aware of the fines and illegality and that you wish to continue anyway.  The longer we can keep the Haiku Stairs situation respectful and civil, the longer the Stairway to Heaven can be around for our future generations… and me to go back 🙂

  • Is climbing the stairway to heaven / Haiku Stairs Illegal?
    Yes, they claim there is a $1000 dollar trespassing fine if you get caught, but that threat seems to just be there as a deterrent.  I haven’t seen or heard anyone getting slapped with the fine, though, that isn’t to say that it cannot happen.  (Update: Several people have told me in my DM’s that they got or saw someone get the $1000 dollar fine, so be careful!) (side note:  follow my Instagram for the best adventure ideas @1Lifeonearth   🙂
  • Did a storm render the Haiku Stairs impassable? 
    No, the “storm” only damaged about 10 feet of stairs, and you literally just walk around it… That article that claims they are impassable is clearly a publicity stunt to keep people off the trail…
  • Is there a security guard at the Haiku stairs / stairway to heaven? 
    Yes, there is at least one (we saw one).  There are ways to evade him if you don’t wanna stop and chat with the guy.
  • What Island is the stairway to heaven in Hawaii?
    The Stairway to heaven, aka the Haiku stairs are located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.
  • How many stairs is the stairway to heaven?
    3,922 stairs.
  • How long does it take to climb the stairway to heaven? 
    Me, Shay and Eric climbed the thing in 3 or 4 hours, but we were constantly stopping to hang out and enjoy ourselves.  It’s a lot faster coming down as well, took us like an hour to descend.
  • Do you need gloves to climb the stairway to heaven?
    Not really.  I didn’t want or need gloves going up, but I put some on when I came down which helped to slide down the railings really fast.  Gloves are not necessary, but they are helpful.
  • Do you need to be in shape to climb the Haiku Stairs?
    Being in shape is going to help you out a lot.  Strong leg muscles and a good heart is going to make this climb a lot easier, but if you’re not in shape, and have a lot of motivation, you could do it as well.
  • Do the local cops care about any of this?
    I think the cops have been called so often for Haiku Stairs related issues that they don’t really bother to show up anymore.
  • Do you need to bring anything?
    Definitely bring a lot of water, like 4 bottles.  This hike will get you really sweaty and thirsty.
  • Are the Haiku Stairs / Stairway to Heaven dangerous?
    As long as you stay on the stairs, you will probably be fine.  The stairs do get super steep at points, and turn more into a ladder, so if you were to lose your grip at this point, you could fall a few dozen feet and maybe tumble off the edge of a mountain.  But if you hold your composure, you will be fine.
  • Are the Haiku Stairs / Stairway to Heaven scary?
    For me?  no, because I am a hardened badass 🙂  But if you are not used to climbing things, and being really high up, the stairway to heaven has the potential to be pretty scary.  If you are afraid of heights, these stairs are going to be a big challenge for you.
  • Were the Haiku Stairs fun / worth the risk?
    Yessss!  I came to Oahu specifically to conquer these stairs, and I had a blast doing it with my friends.  The “Stairway to Heaven” really lives up to its name!
  • Do you have to pay the ‘Troll Toll?’
    No, thankfully we did not have to pay the Troll Toll.
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