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Snorkeling involves swimming across the water’s surface while wearing a clear plastic mask and a breathing tube called a snorkel. If you decide to go snorkeling, you might need to be a strong swimmer. Most people only know how to swim well enough to avoid drowning. It’s best to be an adept swimmer before booking a snorkeling adventure. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy snorkeling as much. If you already know how to swim, you might want to practice with some fins as it can be a bit challenging for a beginner.

Most people prefer to stay on the surface and just put their faces inside the water to observe marine life. However, some like to make occasional dives deep into the water to get closer to the fish and corals. If you want to go for the second option, you will need to work on your breathing. Make sure you wait at the surface for a few minutes until you’re fully in control of your breathing.

Another vital piece of knowledge you must have before snorkeling is airway control. Sometimes, residual water may enter the airway through the mouthpiece or because of splashes and waves. Different snorkels have different mechanisms of removing water. Make sure you ask an instructor about your particular one.


Here is a list of everything you’ll need before you can go snorkeling safely:

Snorkel mask – This piece of equipment will allow you to see underwater and prevent the salty water from irritating your eyes and nose. If you do not use a mask, you will only see colored blurs on the sea bed.

Snorkel – This is another essential component of a snorkeling kit. It allows you to breathe below the surface of the water without raising your head. Air enters the tube from the top and travels along the length of the tube to a mouthpiece.

Snorkeling Fins – Depending on the conditions of the water, you may or may not need snorkeling fins. If the ocean current is strong, wearing fins on your feet can protect you from danger. A snorkeling best practice is to try swimming with fins in a pool before you go into the ocean.

Protective Clothing – Remember that you’ll be outdoors for quite some time and the Hawaii sun is no friend to your skin. To protect yourself against sunburns, try to wear UV protective clothing.


Snorkeling is a safe way of exploring the underwater world, where you don’t need to go too deep into the sea. Typically, snorkelers can observe beautiful coral reefs and many different species of fish from the top. However, what they can see depends on the precise location where they go for snorkeling. At the Kona Coast, you can see the lush coral gardens of Kealakekua Bay and incredible marine life. The marine life in Hawaii includes reef fish, invertebrates, corals, green sea turtles (honu), humpback whales (kohola), spinner dolphins (nai’a), Hawaiian Monk seals (ilio-holo-i-ka-uaua), and manta rays (hahalua). For the best experience, try to go snorkeling from May to October.


If you book your snorkeling excursion with Kona Style, here is what you will get:

  • A tutorial on how to snorkel

  • All the necessary equipment that you will need, such as masks, snorkels, and fins. All our equipment is of the best quality.

  • The best snorkeling location on the Big Island of Hawaii.

  • A beautiful sail along the Kona Coast.

  • A friendly and experienced crew who will be ready to help you with whatever you need.

  • A continental breakfast with 100% fresh Kona coffee, freshly baked pastries, and fresh fruits.

  • A fresh deli sandwich for lunch, plus pasta salad and chips.

  • Complementary and unlimited non-alcoholic beverages, including juice, soft drinks, and water.


Now that you know all about snorkeling underwater, you can experience the brilliance of the Big Island of Hawaii. We offer snorkeling, sailing, swimming with manta rays, and private charters. Book your excursion with Kona Style today!

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