Incredible safari lodges in South Africa

OneOnly Cape Town

One&Only Cape Town

South Africa is an extraordinary country, rich in captivating culture, spellbinding scenery and fascinating wildlife. It also has a wide range of luxury accommodation, which makes it a great destination for a family adventure, unforgettable honeymoon or multi-centre combination. Stay in an independent boutique hotel in a buzzing city or check into a serene lodge in the middle of an epic national park. Whatever the trip, you’ll find it easy to connect with the great outdoors in a country that is as dynamic as it is diverse.

Recommended itineraries

Ellerman House

Ellerman House

There’s so much to see and do in South Africa that we think it’s best to mix multiple destinations in a single itinerary. Fortunately, Carrier has sourced winning combinations of stupendous resorts in dramatically different locations. Here are our top recommendations:

Luxury South Africa

Singita Lebombo  Sweni Lodges

Singita Lebombo & Sweni Lodges

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