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1 Pham Hong Thai Street, Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam

30.0km from Danang International Airport

30.1km from Đà Nẵng Railway Station

“Comprehensive evaluation 4 stars.
1. Ambient atmosphere. The resort has a nice atmosphere. The elegant layout and green plants are perfect. In fact, I think this environment has allowed me to forgive its shortcomings.
2. Guest rooms. The guest rooms are also my favorite, especially exquisite, porch, small living room to room, upstairs. We have 2 rooms which are connected to the family room, which is particularly convenient. One of them with a cot is also adequate.
3. Aromatherapy. Good news, bought a few bottles of essential oil directly from the hotel GIFT SHOP and went home slowly.
4. Front desk staff. Front desk staff service was good. They also sent me postcards.
5. The baby participated in the kidsclub event. It turned out that he was the only one. One-on-one service, he likes it. Learn to make Hoi An lanterns and make pizza. It is a pity that the lantern was crushed on the road and wept bitterly.

1. Facilities. It doesn’t matter if the pool is small, you have to be deep enough. The diamond shape is recessed in the middle of the pool, and the point is that it is only 0.7 meters on all sides. Sincere pit. The family was very disgusted with the pool. No water at all. The gym is too small and the facilities are simple. So I am also interested in SPA.
2. Breakfast was said to be nothing delicious. I understand a bit. Compared to other hotels, this price is indeed much richer. According to our previous two, the price is lower than this, and the breakfast will be much better. I attach great importance to hotel breakfast. As far as the variety is concerned, it is indeed a little bit, and the quality is OK. Especially animal proteins. The options are really few.


I hope Anantara is getting better and better, and I hope your employees do n’t keep asking me, will you come back next time? Hahahahaha.”
“The colonial style hotel is not large in scale and it takes a long time to build. The front desk was upgraded to a garden-view room for free when you checked in. In general, the service was good, the breakfast was delicious, the garden view was good, and the facilities were poor. Good location away, about 10 minutes walk from the ancient city, more convenient. The restaurant’s Happy Hour was super cost-effective and was taken aback by the bill. But the room is not big and there is no bath or bathtub. The garden swimming pool turned out to be a small mosaic, looking dilapidated and dilapidated, with no view at all. The towel mat is definitely a spit, all black, black, yellow, and yellow. The mat even looks a few stains. As Anantara should not, I wanted to be a SPA. I saw the towel and thought about it. More than a thousand house prices can only be supported by services and brands. There are many good hotels in Da Nang, like the South China Sea Intercontinental. When I first came, it was amazing. If you do n’t want to live in Hoi An to experience the colonial style, I would recommend adding a few hundred thousand intercontinental, or choose a local five-star hotel in the downtown Meixi by a hundred-one night.”
“It is very close to the ancient city of Hoi An, only 5 minutes walk. 1 hour from Da Nang by motorcycle. Bicycles can be rented. The layout of the room is good, but the view is just average. Good service, free morning yoga classes. Breakfast was also very rich. Children stay and eat at extra costs. If the price is 1300, it is perfect. Compared with the 2000 price resort hotel room, the outdoor scenery is inferior. Many mage restaurants and coffee shops nearby. Convenient to eat and drink”

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