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The owners of the Lavini Hoi An Boutique Villa were amazing and did everything they could to make sure that my visit was the best that it could be. I was ready to write a rave review after my first night there when I was greeted with a warm welcoming, a delicious meal and a beautifully decorated and comfortable room. And things only got better! Midu (Dung) and Thao were quick with suggestions for things to do and restaurants. Dung introduced me to the best tailor and showed me some value brand name shops that were cheaper than those in the old town – and that’s saying something because everything is inexpensive. When my bank card wouldn’t work in the stand-alone ATM’s, Thao took me by scooter to a bank affiliated ATM. And, when they learned that I’d have my birthday during my stay there, they had a cake baked and sang me “Happy Birthday.” I ate all of my breakfasts at the hotel and many of my dinners too because their dishes were terrific. I’d just say “Surprise me” and was never disappointed. The stay was memorable and a highlight of my time in Hoi An. I left feeling like I’d become part of their family.

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