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Tamu, the Gazelle fawn 

It’s nice to be popular – and in the Serengeti gazelles are VERY popular… but it’s a kind of popularity that Tamu the gazelle fawn could do without. Lions, jackals, cheetahs, wild dogs and leopards 10 all want to get close to Tamu, but unfortunately, it’s not friendship that they have in mind… We’re most accustomed to seeing gazelles as supporting cast in the story of the Serengeti – they’re often pictured as the unwitting victim, grazing peacefully on the savannah’s long grasses, before the predator makes a move, followed by the chase and the violent take down. That’s not to say they’re easy pickings. Gazelles are fast – they run at dizzying speeds of 80 km/h.11 So hunters must be choosy – singling out the small, the vulnerable… On paper that should be Tamu, but somehow this plucky fawn hasn’t received the memo – dodging jackals, outpacing hyenas, tawny eagles and outsmarting the mighty lion, Sefu. Let’s hope Tamu’s luck doesn’t run out before his/her stamina does…

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