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ARIS Process Mining has been named a Leader for the 3rd time in a row in this year’s PEAK Matrix for Process Mining Technology Vendors.

Compare process mining vendors for the right process mining tool that can help you dig up more value from your data. It’s how you can analyze your business performance, improve your efficiency or enhance your process execution. The Everest Group recently compared the top process mining vendors and outlined their results in this PEAK Matrix, which objectively matches vendor capabilities and key strengths with business needs. 

The report outlines why Software AG’s ARIS Process Mining is positioned as a leader, in particular:

  • It is a holistic platform able to handle the full process lifecycle, made possible by the integration between Process Mining and Process Modelling
  • It is customer-focused, intuitive and flexible
  • It integrates into your landscape quickly and easily
  • Thanks to continuous process monitoring, it grows with your needs and at your pace.

Read the full report, with our compliments.

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