‎Secret Agent Underwater: Scuba Diving

Are you fan of secret spy and stealth mission games? Checkout this newest spy army war game with the underwater diving in deep sea to kill hungry white sharks and destroy enemy submarine. As secret agent engage in modern battle field on a secret army mission, enemies take control over sea wildlife. Great white shark and killer orca whales are patrolling underwater enemy base. Its unique blend of spear fishing and army commando shooting adventure. Secret services agent gather information of terrorist group planning for strike from underwater deep sea. Defense department select you for secret army missions. Live life of spy agent on a secret mission to move shadow to shadow and plant c4 bomb on enemy submarine.

Enjoy playing newest spy stealth game battle for the security of your land. Show elite spy skills with diving mask, you can swim long and deep enough to reach underwater facility. Become secret agent: get diving gear, wear scuba diving dress with oxygen cylinder and diving mask for underwater hunting with spear gun. Jump underwater deep sea, swim across water inhabitants like lionfish, clownfish and more. It’s a hostile environment and hungry sharks are patrolling enemy underwater terrain. Engage in sea adventure game on a secret operation, watch out for shark attack with razor sharp jaws to tear you into pieces. Don’t get hook as bait escape white shark and shoot down them with harpoon gun. Take prices aim with spear gun to kill orca whale.

Secret Agent US Army Mission
Breathtaking underwater spear fish battle
Dare to fight with hungry sharks and orca whales
Kill great white shark and scuba guards in intense battle field
Experience open world environment with ocean life and swim as real swimmer
Engaging spy missions on battle for the national security
Elite spy shooting mission across deep ocean
Smooth touch screen control for best spear gun shooting experience

Download this new game and give us your feedback, so we can make more new games for you.

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