Shimba Hills National Reserve | Kenya | Wild Safari Guide

The Shimba Hills National Reserve gives safari-goers to Kenya the best of both worlds—the bush and the sea. Despite its small size of 192 square kilometres, it has varied scenery and numerous unique fauna and flora species. And the Kenyan coastline is a mere 15 kilometres away. 

The habitat of the reserve is a mix of grassland, woodland and coastal rainforest (one of the largest in East Africa) where more than half of Kenya’s 159 rare plants are found. It is the only wildlife area in the country where the majestic sable antelope can be spotted while the reserve also has the highest concentration of elephants in that part of the African continent.

The incredible 25 metre high Sheldrick Fall is a standout feature in the park. It is named after famed Kenyan park warden, major David Leslie William Sheldrick, that made the discovery after a flight over the reserve.

Just 60 kilometres from Mombasa and Diani Beach, the Shimba Hills National Reserve is easy to access and ideal for a day visit. Visitors can board the ferry at Likoni and then take the main coastal road south to Kwale town. The main entrance gate is just three kilometres away.

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