Silk Road: The market beyond the reach of the state

I thank John Durham Peters, Tim Havens, and the three anonymous reviewers at this journal for their helpful comments and suggestions.

1. Silk Road itself was a criminal enterprise. Thus, the use of the term “crime” within the world of Silk Road—crime from DPR’s perspective——should be seen in that light.

2. eBay did not rely on cryptographic anonymity to hide from the state. Rather, its anonymity was the default mode of the early public Internet. Market participants interacted with strangers and site administration had no idea who the participants were, either. Omidyar preferred to let the market run itself until he realized that they had to move toward identification and surveillance.

3. A copy of the Seller’s Guide is in the author’s possession; it is no longer available online.

4. The comments, along with the user’s screen name, are in the author’s possession; they are no longer available online.

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