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🎮 Ski Safari

There were not too many skiing games/ski games online added on our website before, so we are extremely happy that we get to bring you such a game right here and now, when our administrative team invites you all to check out our game called Ski Safari, which is also one of the newest Unity3D Games we have, and we are sure that this is only going to make the experience even better than it was before. Trust us when we say that you have not played skiing games like this before. If you want to learn how it works, make sure to keep on reading to the end. The man is going downhill on the skis by himself, and you are going to press the space bar at the moment when you want to jump. When in the air, hold the space bar to do backflips. If you land them correctly, you gain boosts and extra points, which are going to be welcome for sure. Collect coins on the way as well. Quickly tap the space bar to recover. Try and get as many points as possible, and get big achievements, as well as going up in ranks, because that is going to grant you all sorts of perks. Start now, and let the fun begin, only on our website!

How to play?

Use the space bar.

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