SkySafari 7 | Professional Astronomy Telescope Control Software for iOS

INDI & Alpaca

Integrating with CCDs, cameras, guiding scopes and Single-Board-Computers, SkySafari 7 now includes telescope control via native INDI and Alpaca support!


Introducing the world’s first real-time social stargazing interface! Ever wonder what are the most popular objects in the sky tonight? Now you can know & take a tour too!


Wouldn’t it be nice to share your star chart with friends online, to show & tell, and offer your own planetarium-style tour of the night sky? With SkyCast now you can!

Redesigned UI

Every button, icon, menu, option and data display point has been carefully re-considered and where possible improved to enhance your immersive workflow!

Event Finder & Notifications

Meteor shows, GRS transits, planetary-moon events, lunar and solar eclipses, all easy to find & plan for – and now with alerts you’ll never again miss a major event!

Tonight at a Glance

Beautifully redesigned to easily discover, plan and observe the most interesting objects & events that are available in your sky tonight! Just tap and go!

Save & Sync Presets

Via LiveSky you can now save and sync your customized telescope presets across all your devices!

Improved Observing Tools

The planner, observing lists, observations, sessions, GRS value and Moon image have all been reworked to offer better viewing, filtering, editing and control.

Largest Mobile Database

With The PGC Extension Database & GAIA Extension Database now included FREE in SkySafari 7 Pro you get way more Big Bang for your bucks!

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