snowmobile rentals in maine | New England Outdoor Center

Sleds to Millinocket Hotels, Medway: $100 round trip for the first sled, $25 for each additional sled on the same shuttle and same party. Call 800-766-7238 to reserve.

Shuttle people and gear from Abol parking lot to Baxter State Park Gate or from Twin Pine Camps Cabins to Baxter State Park Gate: $275 each way for the first 2 people, $50 for each additional person on the same shuttle. Call 800-766-7238 to reserve.

For any unexpected repairs, we also offer access to an on-site heated garage. For your convenience, there is a snowmobile repair shop within 20 miles that has mechanics on-site to get your own personal snowmobile back on the trails.

Call 1-800-766-7238 to ask us about the current weather conditions and to customize your perfect snowmobiling experience, or book online!


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