Snowmobile Rentals | Jackson Hole & Alpine, WY

1. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. I’m afraid of heights, so they told me which trails to take with my buddies so that I don’t have a panic attack. The trails we took were in the valley, between mountains, with the best “winter” views I’ve ever seen: large snow capped mountains blanketed in pine trees, sunlight glistening off the river. I felt as if I was having my own “Forest Gump” adventure.

2. The snowmobile trails are groomed but there is more than enough open space and powder next to the mapped out trails.

3. They give you all the snowmobile equipment (helmet, goggles, boots, pants, coats, backpack, gloves). Really comfortable and made me feel like a pro.

4. The main trail leads you to Box Y Lodge, a small cabin resort which is only accessible by snowmobile in the winter. We got some hearty food, petted horses!!!, and enjoyed the sights. It was the first time ever that I experienced “living”, albeit for an hour, in the country.

5. We took a snowmobiling rental in Whistler, BC, in which we followed a guide, could not go fast, uninteresting scenery. But, here, we could do whatever we wanted, could go as fast as we want, and had hours of “wow” scenery, all for less price than what we paid for in Whistler. I was not expecting it, but I felt that, after going here, I could cross something off my bucket list.

6. I’m not usually compelled to write a review on Trip Advisor. But this is one of those places which people have to know about.

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