Sossusvlei Accommodation

Namibia is compelling with an alluring atmosphere drawing visitors to explore and became part of its breathtaking natural beauty. Sossusvlei is a huge clay pan enclosed in gigantic sand dunes in the heart of the astounding Namib Desert. Rain in this area is a rare event, but after a rainfall the pan fills with water from the Tsauchab River and it is quite a spectacular sight to view the turquoise lake in the middle of the desert. It is a long solitary road to Sossusvlei but the dramatic scenery that awaits visitors is quite worth the trip. Visitors can stay at a number of luxury lodges in the area or opt for more economical accommodation in the tiny village of Solitaire and Sesriem camping grounds which is close to the entrance of Sossusvlei. A small general store, petrol station and a lively bar at the campground is about the only facilities available apart from fancy restaurants in the more upmarket lodges. At the entry to Sossusvlei is Sesriem Canyon, a small but impressive sandstone gorge with rock pools fed by the Tsauchab River. Walk along the dry riverbed or watch the amazing sunsets from this superb point. Eerily enticing like a sensual woman using her feminine wiles, the largest sand dunes in the world begs to be explored and to be mastered. The sheer size of the dunes is humbling, the solitude immeasurable, the endless vistas exudes a strange magnetism, and it takes over ones’ senses. Watch the dunes at sunrise and witness the amazing changing colours in the light starting with a burnt orange glow followed by the deepest garnet reds ending with fragments of pinkish- mauve, truly an unforgettable sight. Sossusvlei has a fascinating variety of dune-adapted reptiles and beetles as well as unique desert flora thus be aware of the fragile eco-system when tempted to race on quad-bikes and 4×4 vehicles along the dunes. Wildlife in the area includes antelope, mountain zebra, springbuck, hyena, and the elusive leopard. Great bird watching opportunity abounds with several species to view. Balloon rides and scenic flights are a popular activity providing marvellous opportunity to see the full extent of the dune sea. Being surrounded by the infinite space, contrasting blue sky and red sand of Sossusvlei is awe-inspiring, a soul seeking experience that will leave visitors with a newfound sense of the significance and greatness of life.

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