Spirit Bear Lodge Bear Viewing Review

On the first afternoon we went out to the only platform viewing area in the Kitasoo / Xaixais First Nation territory.  This platform was constructed in 2012 to protect the trail that was
being slowly damaged by the numbers of visitors using it.  I believe it was a good spirit bear viewing site during the 2012 season and this is why it had more than the usual number of
visitors.  You can read about what this day brought in our full trip report here.


That evening we returned to the lodge just after 6pm, which was roughly the time we returned to the lodge most evenings.  This gave a very short window to change/freshen up for dinner…
it was always go go go from dawn to dusk!


Breakfast & dinners were provided buffet style with starters for dinner served at 6:30pm and main dinner at 7pm.  All meals, snacks, beer, wine and soft drinks are included in the
package.  Breakfast was served at 6.45am and lunch was made to order sandwiches or wraps (you filled in a request sheet the day before for the next day’s lunch) be warned you have to carry your
lunch in your own backpack, so the more you request the more you have to carry!


Each day started with breakfast and then out in the boats by 8am for a full day out until the return to the lodge late afternoon.  There were no toilet facilities on any of the boats
and comfort breaks had to be taken over the side of the boat or behind a rock or tree whilst on land.


A decisions on the day’s activities were normally made the previous night with the lodge manager, he would talk through the next day’s suggested options, but as most people wanted to see
bears and only bears, the main focus for each day’s trip was to find either grizzly or black bears.

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