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3/5 Okay

“The location has tremendous natural beauty and the property is charming. Landscape views are excellent and the atmosphere peaceful.
Since there are already many effusive reviews here, I will cover demerits. The hotel should advise guests on the ruggedness of roads to this location and that the nearby river can flood and stop one’s journey. They should also emphasize that cell phone coverage is poor and Wi-Fi is also bad (none in rooms).
Staff were very friendly and helpful but management could try harder. Night skies are beautiful but the property is covered with open lighting fixtures ( non-“dark sky”) making it harder to enjoy. Our balcony door would not close, the telephone handset cord was broken, the do not disturb placards for the doors fly off in the frequent winds, the bar had no blender, the quad track is severely rutted, making quad drives an uncomfortable experience for some, dinner was mostly excellent but breakfast a bit sad. Room air conditioning cannot keep up with the heat due to leaking windows and doors so sleeping can be uncomfortable. Our housekeeper turned off the AC on one of the hottest days and that is what we returned to after an expedition in the Mirage’s vehicle with undisclosed broken AC. Some guests may not thrill to open plan toilets and showers in the rooms which limit privacy or create oversharing… When I think of a “resort” or upscale lodging, I think of freedom from worry and attention to detail – this property did not quite make the grade.”

A verified traveler stayed at Le Mirage Resort and Spa

Posted 6 months ago

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