Trophy Lion Hunting Safari in South Africa

1×1 Starting at $8,750 /HUNTER !!!

2021 / 2022

Trophy Lion Hunting Safari In South Africa

 Exportable – Starting at only $8,750!

Get your TROPHY LION  while you still can!

  • 7 All Inclusive Full Hunting Days in South Africa’s Limpopo Province

  • 2 – Half Day Travel Days 

  • Trophy Fees Included for:  1 – Fully Mature Trophy Male Lion ( Fully Exportable! )

  • Track and Stalk Hunting Method

  • Add an observer for only  $150 / day

  • FREE Rifle Rental (Ammo @ $50 / Box)

  • R/T Airport Transportation From Johannesburg Included

  • All Inclusive – Food / Lodging / Guide / Tracker / Daily Laundry

  • Permits included for the lion hunt.  Other animals are available per price sheet.

African lions are currently not importable into the US, Australia, France and the Netherlands!

    Non-importable male lions start at $7,500 for residents of those countries.

    Call 727-434-0840 for info!

This is an incredible discounted trophy lion hunting safari in South Africa at a great price!  This renowned South African outfitter has reduced the price of this spot and stalk male trophy lion hunting safari in South Africa by $5,000 and it is available at this price only through This hunt takes place in the Kalahari Desert in the Northwest  Province of South Africa.




EXPORTABLE – $12,650


Class 1 Representative Lion B



EXPORTABLE – $10,250


Class 2 Representative Lion AClass 2 Representative Lion B





Class 3 Representative Lion BClass 3 Representative Lion A

All prices are all-in including 7 days daily rates, trophy fee, R/T airport transport and rifle rental. 


The lion hunting area in the Limpopo Province is aproximately a 3.5 hour drive from Johannesburg.  The lion safari will take place on foot within a 10,000 acre fenced enclosure. The terrain is flat with thick bush that offers the hunters a chalenging hunt for one of Africas greatest predators. 

Link to map of lion hunting area

This is the hunt of a lifetime for Africa’s greatest trophy!  The lions in this area are feeding on resident game populations and are dangerous!  Because the bush is very thick, this will most likely result in a close encounter with the lion! This is an incredible value for a safari for an epic member of Africa’s Big 5!


African lions are still importable into most countries.  The countries that currently have bans on African lion imports are the US, Austalia, France and the Netherlands.  Other countries may enact bans on lion imports so the time to get your African lion is now!.


Those who are in the know are aware that the lion is not really endangered from hunting, but from Africa’s expanding population and the corresponding loss of habitat and available prey.  It is the hunter’s money that is funding the conservation programs that will save the lion from extinction.

All that being said, the time to take your Trophy Lion hunting safari in South Africa is NOW, while you still can!  You should not put this hunt off!  Never before has this outfitter offered a lion of this quality at this low price!

This is your chance to get a big discount on a male lion!



Your lion hunt will take place on foot by tracking the lion in the thick bush of the Limpopo Province. The lion will be tracked by the trackers until a shot opportunity is presented.  Every lion / lioness is different.  Some will run and run while others will make a stand rather quickly.  You must stay alert as things can happen rapidly in the bush. This hunt is much more exciting than a traditional lion hunt on bait where you just sit in a blind and wait to ambush the lion. This is the most exciting way to hunt a lion. This hunt is much more exciting than the typical lion hunt that is done in the desert. The thick bushveld  forces you to track and encounter the lion in heavy cover, thus making for a more exciting hunt. 


While you are hunting your trophy lion, you will stay in a luxury 5-star lodge that features private suites with in-suite bathrooms. Internet and phone mobile phone service is available at the lodge.

Lion Lodge Client BedroomTrophy Lion Lodge Exterior Seating Area

You can hunt additional animals from the price list, or just relax and enjoy the magnificent surroundings while viewing the plentiful resident game population.

The lodge features a  pool in case your guest decides to pass on a day’s hunting.  The food and wine are superb and the service is the best that Africa offers.  During your stay, you will be treated like British royalty!.

This is a trophy hunt for lion in South Africa that you will always remember as you face one of Africa’s most dangerous animals in the thisc Limpopo bush.  And you will be in good hands, as your PH has personally been involved in the taking of mant trophy lios and other big game without losing a client yet! 

This outfitter uses an excellent taxidermist that can mount your animals for you or will  handle your dip and pack if you decide to ship yout trophies back to your home country for mounting.

Contact me today at 727-434-0840 to book the lion hunt of your dreams!

This trophy hunt for Lion in South Africa is a Discount African Hunts exclusive!  You can only get this hunt at this price here!


The deposit for exportable male lions is $2,500, due at time of booking.  The deposit for non-importable male lions is $2,000, due at booking. The balance of the package plus any other charges incurred or trophy fees for additional animals shot or wounded are due at the end of the safari in US cash or by bank wire transfer.


Deposits are non-refundable. The outfitter may allow a safari to be rescheduled once if requested a minimum of 90 days in advance of the start of the safari at the sole discretion of the outfitter. Any deposits for no-shows are forfeited and will be retained by the outfitter as liquiodated damages and no credit for such forfeits will be offered. Any rescheduled safaris are subject to a $150 administration fee.

Exclusions:  Dip & Pack / Airfare / Shipping / Taxidermy / Gratuities / Ammo Used

Contact me today and let’s see if we can get your lion trophy while it is still possible!


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