Watch: How jawans in Siachen battle minus 70 degree cold, struggle with food

Soldiers posted in Siachen glacier demonstrate how difficult it is to cook or consume food in the extremely cold temperature. (Photo: Twitter/screen grab)

The thought of battling extremely cold temperatures ranging from minus 40-70 degrees scares most people but the same does not apply to Indian Army soldiers posted in the Siachen glacier area.

Survival, for them, is no less than a war: From facing extremely chilly winds to making food-everything is a challenge for these army men posted along the Siachen glacier.

In a video that has gone viral, a few soldiers posted in Siachen demonstrate how hard it is for them to cook or consume food in the extremely cold weather conditions.

Using a hammer and knife, the three soldiers featured in the video show the difficult procedure involved in consuming food.

Starting off by cutting open a pack of Real fruit juice, the soldiers revealed how the liquid juice inside the packet transforms into a thick block of ice, which cannot be broken using a hammer.

The soldiers added that the entire block of solidified juice has to be boiled in hot water before they can drink it.

All the three soldiers then demonstrated how they deal with deep frozen eggs. Continuing their banter, the three army men try to break open “glacier ka anda”, which is basically a frozen egg.

One of them shows how it is impossible to break open the egg shell despite beating it with the hammer multiple times; the other tries to bang the egg on a table but it just bounces off without any signs of a crack.

“These are the eggs you get here on the glacier,” said one of the soldiers. The soldiers also demonstrated how it is impossible to cook potatoes, tomatoes and other vegetables at such cold temperatures without boiling in hot water.

“It is not so easy to work at the (Siachen) glacier because the temperature remains between minus 40 degrees to minus 70 degrees,” a jawan said.

After the video went viral on social media, many people have come out in support of the soldiers and thanked them for the hardships they go through to protect the country.

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